About Business Leaders Forum


Business Leaders Forum (BLF) is an informal educational and networking association of companies that have made a commitment to be leading promoters of corporate responsibility in Slovakia. We consider ESG aspects as an inevitable part of everyday business decisions and aim to respect the needs of all stakeholders we make business with.


How do we operate?

The Business Leaders Forum association is an initiative of the Pontis Foundation, which has also administered the association since its formation in 2004.

BLF members meet at regular quarterly meetings, often also attended by external guests, in order to share examples of best practice in specific ESG topics. They also have the option to attend other specialized events or working group sessions that provide specific inspiration on how to implement activities in their companies.

The association’s executive director nominates members of the BLF advisory committee together with the BLF president, who need to be approved by a majority of the member companies and serve a two-year term.

The BLF advisory committee and president serve an advisory function in regard to the strategic planning of the association’s direction and activities, while also approving public statements on behalf of BLF.

Our vision

Via corporate responsibility to achieve sustainable development and prosperity in Slovakia.

Our mission

To cultivate society by creating and implementing standards of corporate responsibility.


Management of BLF

Ivana Vagaská

Executive Director of Business Leaders Forum


“I think the biggest benefit of the association is that it connects different companies with a variety of capabilities and experience. We have examples of best practice at our disposal and we want to share them outside of Business Leaders Forum too. My goal is to make corporate social responsibility a given, something that is an everyday reality in the way companies operate.”

Barbora Záhradníková

President of Business Leaders Forum

“Showing an interest in the things going on in society and building values brings companies long-term prosperity. Getting involved in public matters, committing to promote values such as decency, ethics, and fairness, as well as providing systematic philanthropic support – these things give companies a real impact on the progress of society.”

BLF Advisory Committee

Lucia Vargová

Kaufland Slovenská republika

Tomáš Kvašňovský

Tatra banka

Lenka Michalík Holešová

Volkswagen Slovakia

Henrieta Fabianová


Strategic Partnerships and Memberships

Circular Slovakia

Circular Slovakia

Rule of Law Initiative

Rule of Law Initiative